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Efe Ajagba vs Frank Sanchez Live Stream Predictions, Odds

As any serious and profitable boxing bettor knows, it often pays to avoid the main fight on a bill and go in search of value from the undercard.

The traders have the market sewn up in the major attraction of the evening, but in focussing on one fight, they often make mistakes on the supporting bouts.

This is what we are looking for – overpriced selections are expected to perform much better than their odds suggest. Let’s find out if there are any of those available in this bout.

Traders have had their say on the best of the evening’s bouts, and that includes the Ajagba v Sanchez contest that will be fought out earlier in the night.

The money men at the leading bookies have had their say on how they expect this NABA title fight to play out and who they expect to be victorious.

You can place your bets on the fight-winner market, following the thinking of the traders, or go against the grain and opt for an upset at attractive odds.

In addition to the fight-winner betting, the leading sportsbooks sites and apps also offer a list of special markets, including both fighters to be knocked down, the winning round, the method of victory to be knocked down but win, and the draw.

Browse all available options before placing your bets, as there may be a way to gamble on the fight that improves your chances of making a profit or one with higher odds.

The fight winner betting remains the most popular market with boxing gamblers as it’s simple and easy to understand.

All you are doing there is predicting which fighter will win, and you have a one in three chance of getting it right, your fighter working against the opponent and the draw.

The odds are often small, especially if you are backing the favorite, so some prefer to take more of a chance in the hope of landing a bigger payout.

In the method of victory, you are predicting the winning fighter and how they will achieve the result – knockout or a points decision.

Efe Ajagba v Frank Sanchez Predictions

Here we have a talented Nigerian based in Texas fighting an impressive Cuban training in Miami.

Both fighters are unbeaten at this stage of their careers and believe they are good enough to ensure that remains the case after Saturday.

There’s a lot at stake here, and that should make for a competitive contest.

The gladiators know their strengths but have also spent months familiarising themselves with the strengths and weaknesses of their opponent.

That homework will allow them to get right down to business. It’s also a chance for the winner to impress a global audience, gain new fans, and show he is closer to the likes of Fury and Wider than critics believe.

Ajagba has a 15-0-0 record with 12 knockouts and comes in on the back of a stunning third-round TKO win.

Despite being born in Ughelli, Efe has been based in America for the entirety of his professional boxing career. He’s ranked 21st in the world and can climb the ladder with another impressive win.

Cuban Sanchez has an 18-0-0 record with 13 knockouts. Each fight has been on American soil, and the 29-year-old has dragged himself to 30th in the world.

He has stopped each of his last three opponents inside seven rounds and has picked up the WBO NABO and WBC Continental America titles during that purple patch.

This is the biggest fight of Ajagba’s career, but Sanchez has been here before, and that unique experience will make the difference.

He is the more experienced fighter with the skills and power to win the fight. Ajagba will come to fight, and that will play into his opponent’s hands.

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